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  • Sweets! Thinking of it makes our mouth watered. Who is on the earth would deny a piece of cake or chocolate? People who are ill like diabetic patients also have sweet tooth and they go for sugar free sweets. The moral of the story is we all are crazy for sweets and confectionaries. Beverages and food processing units have sensed our nerve and developed variety of sweets. Even in beverages sweet drinks are on priority. In this era of cola and other caffeinated drinks one still prefer sweet drinks or fruit juices which have motivated many to jump into the beverages and food processing units. Sugar is a natural sweetener used in many sweet preparations. Sugar Syrup Preparation System is used in the beverages and food processing industry to get huge amount of syrup at a time. It is not possible to make abundant sugar syrup over a gas or in oven. For abundant preparation of it, this system is used in beverages and food processing business.
    Sugar Syrup Preparation System
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    The procedure used to make sugar syrup is identical to a home procedure. The amount of syrup to be made in the system depends on the requirement and the consistency. In the beverages and food processing units syrup is add to the food stuff for thickness, to increase sweetness and also in some food products it act as a humectants which is mean as a factor which retain the moisture in the food thus maintaining the freshness of the food for a longer period of time. The preparation of syrup starts by dissolving sugar into required quantity of water. It gets dissolved by heating which is provided to the Sugar syrup preparation. The process gets continued till the required consistency is achieved. After that it is run through the filters of this system and then it gets collected. It is then sent to the further process where it can be add to the food stuff to perform the various functions.

    Sugar Syrup Preparation System is very easy to operate. Once the operator starts the panel in auto mode the required quantity is added automatically in the preparation tank. There is a flow meter to measure the quantity of water being added in the system for the preparation of sugar syrup. The buzzer will alert the operator to add sugar once water gets heated (at 95 degree). There is a sugar handling system which can be handled manually. At 105 degrees, a buzzer will remind the operator to add acid which is also handled manually. Once the sugar syrup is ready, the syrup preparation-system will stop heating.